Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Double Header

The other day I gave Time Warner/Comcast a hard time for an overly cute booklet they mailed to their Houston customers to explain the transition of the local cable franchise from one company to the other. I felt vindicated when the Houston Chronicle's technology editor wrote about the Time Warner to Comcast transition on his blog and a couple of commenters - from the very audience this booklet was supposed to inform - shared their reactions to the piece:

"I received by booklet the other day, it didn't tell me anything."

"I agree the booklet I got was totally useless."

As I said, when your customers are wary and want information, cute is just not the way to go.

Meanwhile, this video from Microsoft about advertising has been all over the place:


It's a promo for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions.

Call my cynical, but... marketers love to talk about how everything is changing, customers are empowered, you can't just shout at them, and so on. The video is cute and well-done, but I'll believe that this indicates a change of anything but rhetoric when I see it. This comes from Microsoft, the company whose latest OS is loaded with consumer-controlling rights management technology. Come on.

It's cute, though.

(UPDATE: Tara Hunt of HorsePigCow has more to say about the problem with this.)

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