Friday, May 18, 2007

Celebrity Fonts

A while back, John Whiteside did a post on Kate Moss's font. (When Supermodels Have Serif.) It's not a bad font, but, personally, I would have thought that Kate would have had something that looked more like her: coke-rail-thin, not so rounded and curvy. But John raises the specter of a new fad of celebrity fonts.

Of course, fonts have often carried the name of their designers - and, for all I know, Kate Moss may well be artistic enough to design hers - but I think John's on to something with the notion of celebrity fonts.

Would Arnold Schwarzenegger look like this? Or would it be something borg-like:  Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or would it be one of those scary Germanic fonts?

And what might Paris Hilton's font be: something frilly- girly Paris Hilton or something kind of eight-grade  Paris Hilton. Or would she surprise us with something breezy?  Paris Hilton. And will Paris' font change once she's done her time?

Yes, I can see where celebrities will trend towards signature fonts that will become part of their personal brands. Fans of the celebrities will buy the rights to use the fonts of their beloved. Some 10 year old girl will write - make that text - to her boyfriend using Lindsay Lohan. Her beau will respond in Justin Timberlake.  

And what about the rest of us? Are we not living in an age when we all know that we can't count on anyone to hire us for life?  When we're competing for attention, recognition, and work with not just everyone in your graduating class or suburb, but with every last person on the face of the earth. When we're told that all prospective employees will Google us and, if they find something they don't like (drunken lap dance on YouTube), they won't hire. When we're told that all prospective employees will Google us and, if they don't find anything on us, they won't hire us because we no longer have any identity or relevance. We are so 20th century. So out of it. So unemployable.

Well, damn straight, we all better get with the Brand You program and develop our own brand, font and all. (Me, I'm strictly non-serif. Although I do like Copperplate.)

And as for the Googling...Thank God for blogging. I'm not (yet) the first Maureen Rogers to come up. The post position goes to Maureen Rogers, the equine craniosacral therapist. But I am ahead of Maureen Rogers the herb expert.

I will focus now on improving my Google ranking (without, I hope, tipping off either equine Maureen R or herbal Maureen R that I'm hoping to claw my to the top of the Google heap and stay there).

Then, and only then, will I figure out what my font is.

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