Monday, April 09, 2007

Time Delay Email from Microsoft

When Microsoft introduced the Zune last November, I was curious about it; the hardware actually sounded like a decent product, and I wondered what they'd done with the software. So I downloaded the Zune software, installed it, poked around a bit with it, decided that it was not terrible but vastly inferior to iTunes, and uninstalled it.

(I'm actually not a big iTunes fan; for me it's in the "less crappy than the alternatives" category.)

In order to install the software, you had to register with Microsoft. So I did - this would be late November or maybe earlier December.

And I received an email confirmation of that. Today.

The subject line was "Welcome to the social!" And I thought, "Buddy, I came to the social, I had a look, and I left a long time ago."

It's rather amazing, though, to think that a company with Microsoft's resources is sending four month late email confirmations. If anybody should be able get this kind of simple task right...

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