Monday, April 09, 2007

The Many Faces of Parago

Since the last installment of my Circuit City rebate tale, I've gotten more email from Parago, the company that Circuit City uses to make sure they don't have to honor their rebates.

As of that last post, on April 5, I'd received an email informing me that my check would be mailed in 7-10 days, followed by one telling me that the information I'd provided several times needed to be provided again (conveniently enough, with the several emails containing the information attached to the request).

Since then, more email: on April 6, a note telling me that my check will be sent in the next 2-4 weeks; then, today, another email telling me that it will be mailed in about 30 days.

So let's see; as of April 4, my check was to mailed sometime late this week; but now, on April 9, it's not happening till May.

This would be comical, if not for my ever-growing suspicion that the point is to avoid paying out rebates - which would, I believe, be fraud, and not particularly funny at all.


Maureen Rogers said...

Well, there's one face of Parago you don't see. I went to their web site, and on the page describing their executive team, there's a picture of an empty conference room.

John Whiteside said...

Perhaps they mistook the photographer for somebody from the Attorney General's office.