Friday, January 19, 2007

There's More to Search Marketing Than SEO

That's what USA Today blogger Jim Hopkins reminds us in this post.

But he adds: "I have paid some pretty hefty fees to SEO optimizers, and they basically don’t do all that much. They claim to know the keys to heaven, but companies like Google change their search protocols quite a bit, and all that means is that the people who provide the optimization get to keep charging. I have put obscure pages up on the web for no commercial purpose that get listed near the top almost immediately. Other times, I have a very important page and only the most specific search terms find it. So the mystery continues, and I just make sure I have the best content possible, and then place pay-per-click ads for the terms I know people are searching for relative to my products."

If you're struggling with the SEO vs. sponsored search "dilemma," just stop. You should do both. And if you need something to happen right away, you should start with sponsored search.

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