Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another Ad-Free Moment Fixed!

Worried that there are still a few times in your life when you can't see an ad? Then you'll be pleased to know that soon one of those disturbing marketing-free moments will be eliminated, thanks to advertising in the bins at the airport security checkpoint! As Adrants notes...

A six month test in LA by the Transportation Security Administration has led to the formalization of guidelines for security bin advertising. Now advertisers can waste millions of dollars trying to reach people during the single most hair raising, confusing and distracting point in their lives as they juggle carry on luggage, remove laptops from briefcases, struggle with knotted shoe laces, remove all personal belongings from pockets, stress over which pocket the boarding pass and identification are in, heard wandering children, fold cumbersome strollers, receive admonishment from bitchy security guards for forgetting to leave that bottle of water behind and marvel at just how stupid people really are when they're asked to follow a few simple rules.

And then, they observe, your ad will wind up under somebody's shoes. Yay!

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