Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Love When This Happens!

Earlier in the year, along with my Opinionated Marketing colleagues, I worked on a branding project for an economic development agency. We came up with what our client agreed was a great idea for an approach, and a tagline that hit the mark in terms of branding the region - there was consensus that we'd really aced the region's essence.

Since the development agency covered many different sub-groups, over a wide and quite diverse (economically, culturally, and socially) geography, we all understood that the branding would take a while to be implemented.

Curious just now about whether anything had happened, I googled our tag line. Sure enough, one of the sub-groups has adopted it and is now featuring it prominently on its web site and positioning.

It's hard to explain how good it felt to this die-hard marketer to see that tag line out there.

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Cahill said...

Great story...I love seeing a tag line showing up and making impact.
Unfortunately, we often have the perfect tag line that answers so many of a companies marketing issues in but a few choice words, and it is roundly ignored in favor of meaningless corporate babble.

I had one of those which I started using in the page title for a company. Yes, they'd torpedoed the tag line, but it made too much sense not to use. A year later, it's finally gaining internal momentum vs. the current meaningless pablum of the current tag line.