Friday, September 15, 2006

Physician, Heal Thyself

Or marketer!

A local marketing organization is having a lunch meeting I want to attend next week. Like good marketers, they have an email list to distribute meeting announcements.

I clicked on the link for registration in the email and found myself on a web page with a registration form... for last month's event.

Hmm. There was an email address for inquiries, so I wrote a quick note asking how it could register.

It bounced. I went back to the web site and there was a phone number to call. I called it.

I got a phone company recording telling me that the number had changed.

We've all had these days, so I don't want to beat up on them too much... well, yes, actually I do. If you launched an email campaign with a landing page that went to the wrong form, an invalid email address, and an incorrect phone number, how would you explain that to your boss or your client?

And this is a marketing organization.

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