Friday, January 11, 2008

A Teensie Little Note to Polaroid Marketing

I saw a post on yesterday's Boston Filter on Polaroid's new inkless printer, the exceedingly cool Polaroid product that was announced at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It's so exceedingly cool, I wrote about it over on Pink Slip. It's so exceedingly cool, I zipped on over to the Polaroid web site to find out more about it.

Now, maybe this exceedingly cool new product is not all that exceedingly important to Polaroid. Or maybe, because the show opened earlier in the week, it's not all that exceedingly hot any more.

But there was no info on the home page.

There was a home page link to some info about Polaroid's presence at the CES, where the Digital Instant - that exceedingly cool new printer - was showcased along with a couple of other Polaroid products. And drilling down on the CES link there was a small fact sheet on the product, and a couple of pictures, but not much else.

So I clicked on the Printer choice on their list of Featured Products. Which led to an empty screen that told me:

There were no results matching your search criteria.

Well, that was no help.

Now, I would assume that a lot of people who attended CES, not to mention a lot of the people who saw product coverage, would be heading to the Polaroid site for more info. Maybe not. Maybe I'm the only one who wanted to learn more.

Now, maybe Polaroid has a rule about not putting much/any info up about products until they're officially released.

But wouldn't you think that there'd be some exceedingly easy-to-get-at info on this exceedingly cool new product.

Or is this a case of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

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Mary said...

Yet another sad, bad example of companies thinking of their web site as somehow separate from the rest of the business and the marketing.

I continue to be amazed at why this so hard for people to grok. The CES is a very big deal - and the web site should have been updated BEFORE the show. *Sigh*