Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Harley Ad: Bad for Badness Sake

I find so many of the Christmas ads on TV cloying and/or annoying, that I was just delighted to see the Harley Davidson ad on Chris Mathews and/or Keith Olberman the other night.

A leather clad Santa in a black sleigh drawn by 8 Harleys comes into sight.

The message? He knows if you've been bad or good, so be bad for badness sake.

Not that I'm in any danger of going out and buying a Harley - or any Harley gear whatsoever - but the ad made me smile on a lot of fronts.

It's definitely a holiday ad, but doesn't compromise one iota on the core Harley brand. It's on message, and it's definitely got the right look and feel. Not one scintilla of soupy sentiment at all!

No "kiss begins with K", no skull mangling Lexus tune, no 'should I get my wife a power saw at Lowe's?' nonsense.

Harley is by far my favorite ad of the 2007 holiday season. (So far, I'd have to give the first runner up nod to the car company ads with the Duh choir. I'm not quite sure who the ads are for - Hyundai? - but the choral singing is good, and it's fun to hear all those carols sung without words.

This link isn't to quite the same Harley ad that I saw, but it's along the same lines.

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