Friday, August 03, 2007

The Little Foil Seal of Approval

A few weeks ago, my husband got a postcard mailer, an "IMPORTANT NOTICE", congratulating him on the 30th anniversary of his company and suggesting that he might want to think about ordering his Anniversary Seals right away.

Now, 500 embossed foil seals for $69.00 may be a pretty good deal, but I doubt that Jim has sent out 500 pieces of correspondence during his first 30 years, let alone need that many to celebrate his company (a.k.a., himself) anniversary.

But I was curious about the company that sent the mailer out, I went and looked them up.

The Stephen Fossler Company of Crystal Lake, Illinois, has been "one of the leading manufacturers and providers of Embossed Foil Seals" since 1970. Foil seals are what they do, and what they do best.

The Stephen Fossler Company....Doesn't that just sound homey? Kind of like Stephen Foster, don't you think.

And Crystal Lake, Illinois. For all I know, it's part of the mega-sprawl around Chicago, but it sure sounds purty.

But what's really interesting is their emphasis on touting your company's experience.

We read so much nowadays that "built to last" is a thing of the past. That nimble, in-and-out, short-lived companies are the thing. Short-term is beautiful, long-term ain't nothing to brag about. It no doubt means you're lumbering, lagging edge, so yesterday.

Yet it's certainly easy to think about what being in business for a long time does, in fact, say about you. It says that you're making enough of your customers happy to keep you in business. It says that you're doing something right. That's not all bad.

The Stephen Fossler web site has a slew of testimonials that some of us marketer's can only dream of.

The labels are beautiful.

The notes you place with orders and invitation to purchase make the whole process feel personal and easy to say yes.

(Boy, in 25 years of marketing I've had yet to hear anyone tell me I'd made it "easy to say yes."

We love you guys.

Well, that's another one I've never heard.

You're doing a great job promoting your and our business.

Keep up the good work.

Okay. None of the little testimonials have gotten me to actually recommend that my husband go and buy some anniversary seals. But there's something really sweet and touching about the company and their approach. The postcard they mailed out even had a stamp on it, not a postal permit. The picture on the stamp was of an old woodie station wagon.

And here's a P.S. from Stephen Fossler: "Send No Money. As an organization that's been successful for 30 years, your credit is good with me."

As I said, we won't be buying now, but if I ever need an anniversary embossed seal - or know of anyone who needs one - I'll be sure to keep the Stephen Fossler Company in mind.

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