Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now, that's what I call customer service

The other day, I ordered a screen filter for my laptop from CDW.  I haven't ordered from them before, but their site was easy to use and the price seemed right enough, after I found the same item elsewhere for $20 more, I decided to look no further.

Within minutes, I got an e-mail confirming my order.

But that wasn't all.

The e-mail was actually from a human being. Who actually provided an e-mail address. And a phone number. And a nice little note (okay, it was formulaic) telling me to call or write if I had any questions.

Now, for all I know, "Robert Nixon" is a made up persona, like Betty Crocker or Uncle Ben.

But I was still happy to hear from "him" and, as long as the screen filter does it's job of blocking out my screen glare, I'll be back with CDW. They're in Vernon, Illinois, which is no real surprise. The world could do with a little more "Midwest nice."

They also had a very nice tracking system, with one-click link to the info on your shipment.  I ordered on Monday, they delivered on Thursday.

All well and good.

Will I be doing business with CDW again? You bet.

Will I tell all my friends about my happy experience with CDW? Absolutely.

Will I blog about my happiness? You got it.

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