Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Speaking of Service

I'm on hold with Delta Airlines right now. Our family has gotten together on the west coast, and my parents would really like to use their miles to upgrade their flights home to first class. There was no obvious way to do that on the web site, so we called them.

After getting through a voice response service, we were put on hold. That was about half an hour ago.

Even worse, the sound quality of the hold music is so bad - static, drop outs that sound like you're being transferred somewhere - that you feel like you're being disconnected all the time.

I haven't flown Delta because I live in Houston, and they're never the best way to get anywhere; but after this, if they were the only option, I think I'd rather take a bus. I'm really quite astounded by how bad this experience is.

Why would they expect anyone to want to be their customer if there was another option?

(As I finished writing this, I got a rep. She said, "How can I help you?" and then I was disconnected. Lovely.)

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