Saturday, April 07, 2007

It's All in What You Call It

When Bank of America scooped up one of my credit cards by buying the credit card business from the bank that had it before, I was happy; I use BoA already and their online banking is excellent. One of the nice features is that you can download everything into Quicken, saving you the trouble of entering things manually.

But when I tried to do this for my credit card, I couldn't do it anymore. I emailed customer support asking how to download current transactions (I typically do this every day or so).

Here's what they told me:

Due to system enhancements, you will no longer be able to download current activity on your account on a daily basis.

Here's my question: how is removing a useful feature an "enhancement?" When someonen was writing these canned responses, did they stop and think that customers might not consider this an "enhancement?" Did they feel stupid writing that? They should have.


Christof said...
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Christof said...

Sign I saw at a D.C. fast food place I was trying to eat at:

"In order to serve you better, this location has been closed."

John Whiteside said...

Well, I can think of some eateries where that would lead to a general increase in the quality of service!