Monday, April 02, 2007

Circuit City Rebate Rip-Off Update: Is Parago Actually a Company?

The story that started here continues!

After Parago, the "service" organization that Circuit City uses to pretend to issue rebates to customers, collected all of my information and asked me to fax them copies of all the rebate forms, then ignored repeated queries for several months, they told me that in fact they cannot help me track rebates and gave me a Circuit City email address to go to. I forwarded the entire thread of emails to that address, which prompted a response from Parago... asking me to supply them with all of the information (which was included in the emails I forwarded).

Sigh. I went ahead and resent it to them this morning, and refaxed everything for good measure.

Is this any way to provide "service?" I went to Parago's web site, which is quite interesting; if you click anything on it, it stays at the home page (at least in IE7). One wonders why Circuit City would choose a company that can't build a web site to run this kind of operation.

Though honestly, after communicating with Parago, I seriously doubt that anyone actually works there; it seems more like a giant auto-responder designed to tire customers out so they'll stop asking for their money. 

At this point my goal is really just to get some human being at Circuit City or Parago to contact me with something that doesn't sound like a canned email. We'll see.  

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