Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superblah versus Citizen (Anti) Marketing

Here at Opinionated Marketers, we decided that we should all say something about the Superbowl ads. Maureen took the lead with liveblogging it all; I was driving down I-10 somewhere in western Louisiana when it was all happening, so I went and watched them on YouTube.


All I can really say is, poor Sheryl Crow. And poor Robert Goulet.

These are the most hyped ads of the year, and it was an astounding display of ordinariness at a time when you'd think the big creative guns were being pulled out. (I will give the CareerBuilder spots some points for cleverness, although I think by know most people know that CareerBuilder is a way that jobhunters can send out resumes and get ignored.) Instead, we had a GoDaddy ad that recycled a joke from a ten year old Dilbert cartoon. Wow!

Is this the best the ad world can do? Is there a compelling reason to watch any of these ads, instead of going to the bathroom?

Actually, I saw a lot more creativity with corporate branding on Saturday night... but that was on the streets of New Orleans, where Krewe du Vieux kicked off Mardi Gras season with their usual pointed (and very bawdy) satire in their parade. The theme was "Habitat for Insanity" and among those getting skewered were insurance companies, with some clever logo manipulations. (I tried to snag an "Allfake" sticker but wasn't quick enough.)

I wasn't quick enough with the camera this year (hey, I didn't want to drop my cocktail!) but this followed nicely from last year's look at the utilities:

I would suggest that some of these advertisers hire Krewe du Vieux to come up with ad concepts next year. Sadly, while the ads would probably be a hundred times better, they also probably couldn't be shown on television.

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