Friday, February 23, 2007

A Second Life Census

Yesterday's Second Life post was just a bit of snarky fun, but here's something more useful: Matthew Stibbe at Bad Language takes a look at what's really there in the virtual universe that's getting so much hype, commenting on this article from The Register.  

Matthew provides a nice summary, the gist of which is this: there's aren't many people there, and the Second Life "economy" is a sham.

This doesn't mean there's anything wrong with Second Life itself; I'm sure the people who are big users of it are enjoying themselves, and no doubt there are some types of businesses that will benefit from reaching those folks.

But a mass branding opportunity? Critical to your success? For most of us... sorry, no. Don't listen to the hype - take a hard look at it, and figure how much attention it deserves for your business.

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