Saturday, February 17, 2007

Online Marketing Predictions

MarketingProfs, those masters of the handy list, have published their Top 10 Online Marketing Predictions for 2007 (article by Ryan Buchanan).

It's a pretty good list, and how relevant any particular item is to you depends on your industry and its dynamics; for example, while I think we will see greater integration of video into web sites, I think a lot of it will be an annoying mistake. I think that the idea that cause-related marketing will be big is questionable; done right, it's very powerful (and socially beneficial) but I expect there will be a lowest-common-denominator effect that results in more greenwashing and similar phenomena.  

As for #4, well... we'll see!

I'd add one to the list: measuring results will become ever more important. Ryan hints at this with his comments on email list segmentation and pointless viral campaigns (that is, most of them) but I think it merits a place of its own on the list - though it's never as easy as we'd like.

What do you see in your particular corner of the marketing world?

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