Thursday, January 04, 2007

Losing a Customer over Two Cents

Policies that extract revenue from customers in the short term - and lose those customer for good in the long term - are a dime a dozen, I know, but this is a particularly extreme example, describing how Citibank lost a customer over a two cent underpayment. (Note: very salty language from the title on down, so don't click it if that will bother you!)

According to the story, some resolution might be at hand. I wonder if Citibank has anybody monitoring blogs for this kind of stuff?  

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Mark Cahill said...

I've got a similar ongoing beef with Citibank. We thought it was resolved in October after a supervisor told us it was completely resolved and the account was finally closed - now all of a sudden we're getting calls again.

A dollar or two in finance charges between the payout request and the actual payoff, missed for a couple years, and all of a sudden they're looking for hundreds.

If I can't resolve it tomorrow, I'll be blogging the full story.