Monday, December 18, 2006

What Are They Saying About You?

A few reminder from the last week that smart companies are watching blogs for mentions of their name...

Maureen wrote about a less than fabulous experience trying to buy Red Sox tickets on her Pink Slip blog. Lo and behold, after posting that, she heard from them.

Last week I wrote about my unpleasant eFax experience. And shortly afterwards, I got an email from someone at eFax. I haven't actually spoken to him (he's says he's going to call, but hasn't yet).

I doubt there's anything they can do to get my business back, especially since I've switched to another fax provider and had new business cards with the new number printed up, but I give them credit for paying attention.

Companies that monitor blog chatter for their own names are still the exception. And that's just crazy, because it's so easy to do.

A few years ago I posted a rant about HP (specifically their printer software) on my personal blog. When I check the traffic reports for that blog, I regularly get people at HP's domain hitting the blog on that entry. So clearly a bunch of HP people have read the tale on one consumer who had a horrible time with the software they ship with their printers.

I've never heard a peep from them. It makes me sad; I generally like HP. I have one of their laptops and I love it. I have met folks who work there (Houston has a big HP presence - the old Compaq business) and they're good, smart folks.

I'd like to see them do better. Even if they just asked for some more details about what was so frustrating.

Anyway... you do have an RSS feed set up to capture mentions of your organization on blogs and deliver them to you desktop, don't you? If you don't, that's your assignment for today.

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Tim Daloisio said...

You might be interested in this chain:

David is a exec at Lenovo and does just this...and does it well. He details out multiple positive and negative experiences in this post.

Thought you might be interested.