Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm always a few steps behind when it comes to TV ads, since I tend to pay no attention to them whatsoever. I probably wouldn't have seen the one for Combos either, if my husband hadn't told me about it. (Jim caught the funny part, but not the product name. He said "they're for some kind of snack called Grumpy's or something".)

But I am completely cracked up by the ad for Combos with the tag, "What your mom would feed you if your mom were a man." If you haven't seen the any Combos' ads, check out one of the earlier ones in this AdWeek article.

I'd be very curious to see whether these ads have been effective, i.e., have Combos' sales increased since they've been running?

Personally, I can't think of anything more disgusting than a pretzel stuffed with cheese-product or pizza-innards. Just looking at a bag of Combos makes me nauseous. But I'm clearly not the demographic they're aiming for. I might watch a game, but I'm sure not going to run out and buy a jumbo bag of Combos to munch on during it.

So, anybody out there know whether the Combos ads are doing their trick?

Whether they are or not, their ads are funny, however retro and sexist them may be. (Hey, I like the "Man-Law" ads, too. Maybe I'm watching too many football games.)

(And props to the ad agency for not giving in to the darker forcers and sticking to correct grammar with the use of "if your mom were a man.")

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