Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who is Your Web Site Talking To?

How do you like the idea of one of your customers writing about your web site on a blog... under the title The Most Irritating Web Site in the World?

Ouch. A writer on related this experience book a flight on SAS:

As I hurry to the SAS website, I'm listening to Yer Bounda Fara, a wonderful album by Ali Farka Toure. It takes me a couple of seconds to realize that there is this weird voice interrupting the beautiful music. I'm momentarily stunned. What on earth could this be? I pause iTunes.

"SAS! Sixty years! Can you believe it? Time flies and things happen all the time. Join me on the journey through time to take a look at the things we've done... ."

Can you believe it? Here I am on the SAS site. I just want to book a cheap flight. I've been listening to this great music and the carrots are nearly done, and what on earth is this voice doing talking at me?

Please, please, please, all ye organizations of the world, come close, gather round, listen carefully. I have something very important to tell, something that will have a profound impact on whether your Web site will be successful or not.

Nobody cares.

I could not care less that it's your 60thanniversary! You didn't send me a card when it was our anniversary, so why should I care about you? If you want me to care, offer me 60 percent off, then I will gladly say: Happy anniversary.

The point of your web site is to give your customers what they need, whether that's information or transactions or entertainment. Think about what they want when they visit the site. It's not there so you can feel good about it when you visit it. You're not the customer.

And talking web sites? Ugh. Don't do it.

And remember - if you annoy them, they might blog about it.

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