Monday, October 23, 2006

That's Entertainment

I actually like John Mellencamp's new song This Is Our Country (I'm actually listening to it while blogging). To me, it strikes a nice patriotic note without being jingoistic, divisive, obnoxious, strident, or pig-headed. So I wasn't disappointed to see John M opening last night's World Series game with it even though... hey, just wait a darn minute. A (somewhat toned down) version of This Is Our Country is used in Chevy ads, and isn't Chevy a sponsor of the World Series..... And isn't American Idol, which brought us the guy who sang God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch, also brought to us by Fox, which just happens to be broadcasting the games.

Yes, yes, yes. Baseball is entertainment. Entertainment is a business. Business wants to sell us something. Etc.

But does everything have to be a cheesy tie-in?

At least they had Anita Baker (Detroit native with no obvious tie to Fox or any sponsor) sang the National Anthem. And I think the Bob Seger tune the night before was authentic, too, but I haven't really checked out to see where the threads go.

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