Friday, October 27, 2006

Revisiting the Trade Show

Trade shows: they're not sexy. They're not glamorous. For many marcom pros, they are the least exciting part of the job. (For a small group of people who just love doing events, on the other hand, they're great - and thank goodness, because we can hire them to be events managers!)

But they are still an important part of your marketing mix, if you find events that offer you the right demographics and the right opportunities for face to face contact with current and potential customers.

The folks over at MarketingProfs recognize the bad reputation of trade shows - and their importance, and offer you a concise guide to getting the most out of your exhibit participation:

Industry tradeshows, conferences, conventions, and other B2B encounters like them don't deserve the bad rap that many get.

These are the red-headed stepchildren of business development. That's particularly true among professionals, who are liable to feel that they're above it all.

B2B events are, however, incredibly efficient. Your clients and prospects gather there... in growing numbers. Plus, events like these blend face-to-face selling and broadcast-style marketing, giving you a shot at the best of both worlds.

Provided you're smart. And, provided you can overcome the professionals' legendary reluctance to be, well, social.

It's a nice little refresher even for those of us who've done more shows that we (or our aching feet) care to remember. It may be less exciting that talking about the latest trends in interactive media, video sharing, and consumer-created content - but that doesn't mean that there aren't some good pointers here for making sure your events investment provides you with the best possible return.

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