Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Day the World Changed?

According to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion, that day may be today (or if not, sometime this month). Why? Because the regular software updates from Microsoft will include Internet Explorer 7. And IE7 has a built in RSS reader.

I think Steve's overstating the case; just because lots of Windows XP users will suddenly have an RSS, they won't necessarily start using it. But it will be there, and I would expect it to cause more people to start using RSS to track sites with feeds.

IE7 isn't, of course, the first web browser to incorporate an RSS reader; Firefox has one, as does Safari for the Macintosh.

The difference is that Internet Explorer is everywhere. And, frankly, Microsoft has done a much better job of implementing the feature than either Mozilla or Apple. I've been playing around with the last release candidate of IE7 for a while now, and the RSS reader is excellent. It's actually the first software reader that I actually have found usable. 

If RSS starts taking off, you need to ask yourself: am I blogging? Does my blog have a feed? Am I providing useful RSS feeds for my audiences out there - product announcements, event announcements, press releases, and so on?

And it your questions about RSS are more basic (what is it?), that's fine - but it's time to start answering them! 

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