Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AT&T: Success Doesn't Mean You Have A Clue

Okay, beating on the phone company isn't exactly new - is there any business we love to hate as much as the phone company? But really, some ineptitude just screams to be pointed out as an example of marketing gone terribly wrong.

By now the insipid "Delivered" ad series has faded into wallpaper - you see one of their billboards every couple of miles on any Houston freeway, each time mentioning some service that AT&T doesn't actually provide with the word "delivered." ("Blogging. Delivered." "Podcasting. Delivered." No, you cannot get these things from AT&T.)

The other day I created a login on their web site so I could access my account. There was a point where the registration form asked me if I wanted to get email about offers from them. I was careful to make sure that my choice was no.

So what showed up in my inbox today? An email from AT&T with the subject line "Thank You For Your Interest in the New AT&T" informing me that each month I will receive "hot info" on AT&T products and servicees.

Why even ask people if they want your email if you're going to ignore them?

AT&T is a successful company with lots of money. One would think they'd be able to hire competent marketers. Apparently not.

Meanwhile, I actually did order a service upgrade from them on Friday (the reason for going to their web site in the first place). The web order process was great. It informed me that everything would be active on Monday. It's still not working.

So why is it that everyone loves to hate the phone company?

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